What is the “SWBT Company?”

Southwest Ballet Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ballet performance company. Being a non-profit, Southwest Ballet Theatre has the ability to bring high quality, professional performances to the community at an affordable price. Through federal grants and the broader community’s monetary support, SWBT does not require each participant to pay theatre, costume or other fees associated with a production. The company is an arm of The School of Southwest Ballet Theatre whose purpose is to train dancers in the discipline of classical ballet and other forms of dance.

What should I expect in the audition?

Please arrive to the audition at least 15 minutes early. Each dancer will be required to be fully ready to go by the start time. Each dancer should come prepared with their signed company contract (See the Handbook page) and dressed in a solid colored leotard, pink tights, hair neatly in a bun, and the appropriate shoes. Dancers will be assigned combinations that represent the different parts in the performance and as small groups asked to perform them. The dancers will be selected for their parts with consensus among the instructors.  Dancers will be notified of their parts within seven days of the audition.

Can I audition/perform without being a SWBT student? 

You may audition and be selected for a role without being a student of SWBT, HOWEVER, included in the SWBT Handbook’s Dancer Contract, Appendix A is an agreement that requires a student attend a minimum of one technique class per week at SWBT. It specifically states the following:

“I agree to attend the minimum amount of ballet technique class hours weekly according to my level
and as appropriate to my contract.

If from another studio, I must show proof of taking a minimum amount of classes per week signed by
the artistic director and must enroll in one technique class per week at SWBT. “

Please thorouthly review the SWBT Handbook to ensure you understand all expectations related to classes, rehearsals or any other details before signing the contract.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

All dancers and parents will be expected to sign and return the SWBT contract (Appendices A-D) before or on the day of the audition. The contract is written in good faith between SWBT and the membership party(ies). The contract briefly restates policies in the handbook having to do with attendance, grade point average, and participation in company events. The contract serves to reiterate to the dancer the serious level of commitment expected on their part. This is also to give the dancers a “real life” professional experience. A pdf of the contract can be found on the Handbook page.

How do I determine which Level I should begin with?

Each dancer will be considered individually based on their age and previous experience. Even though they might be told to begin in a level does not mean that the dancer will remain in that level. The artistic director has the right to guide and place the dancer in the appropriate level to provide the best experience and guidance for the dancer possible.