The School of Southwest Ballet Theatre

The School of Southwest Ballet Theatre provides a high-quality, richly creative, pre-professional program to children and adults. Each link listed below will provide detailed information regarding the school and it’s classes.

FacultyClick here for information about the outstanding instructors of SWBT.

Tuition – This page includes pricing options, policies and price structure for various dance levels.

Class Descriptions – Class descriptions, prerequisites and requirements are included here. Click here for more information.

Class Schedule – The current class schedule along with the instructor for each class are listed on this page. 

Calendar – Click here for the SWBT calendar of events. The calendar includes the regularly scheduled classes as well as special dates for dress rehearsals, upcoming events and performances.

Class Etiquette – The Class Etiquette page includes information on appropriate behavior and guidance on how to best perform as a student of SWBT.

Dress Code – Each class has a dress code for the dancers to adhere to. Click here for more information.