Enroll your student with the School of Southwest Ballet Theatre (SWBT) by completing the form below. This information will help the instructors at SWBT know each student and their families better as well as to allow SWBT access to complete parent and emergency information. Please note that each student must additionally register at Crossfit Fury before participating in a class.

Don’t forget to check out the Dress Code page for information on ordering ballet attire for your dance student.

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I understand that in the case of an accident or injury the staff of SWBT and/or EMCC will first telephone me at the numbers provided above. If they are unable to contact me they have my permission to phone either the family physician or transport my child to the local emergency room.

Level Enrollment

Our instructors will determine where your dancer would best fit in our classes, based on technical and artistic aptitude.  We look forward to helping your dancer to learn and grow in our studio!

Account Registration

Please contact our office for assistance to establish your account and to register for payments.
We kindly ask you to email Sydney at admin@swbtballet.org or call 623.250.6366. Thank you!